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The sad tale of Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard has become a household name but sadly for all the wrong reasons. Even World leaders such as the Pope and the President of the USA have intervened. The facts: Baby Charlie was born on 04 August 2016 and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Charlie has severe brain damage and [...]


Did you know that: In most cases, before you can make an application for a financial order in divorce proceedings or an application concerning children, the Applicant must attend a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM). Only specially trained people can carry out MIAMs and usually they are accredited Mediators. You must be married for [...]

Brief marriage undermines 50:50 divorce presumption

Negotiating a divorce settlement with full knowledge of recent case law may enable couples to reach a decision earlier and with less time and money spent in court. A mediator can help put separating couples in the picture. Just recently, the Court of Appeal heard an appeal from the High Court between Julie Therese Sharp [...]

Don’t be fooled: breaking up is hard to do – especially for cohabitees

“Cohabiting parents now account for majority of family breakdown” is the screaming headline from the Marriage Foundation. It has analysed figures from the Office for National Statistics and revealed that cohabiting couples now account for over half of family relationship breakdowns despite making up only a fifth of parents. Harry Benson, Research Director of the [...]

Weeks of washing dirty linen in public in divorce settlement case

Pauline Chai, the ex-wife of Dr Khoo Kay Peng, a wealthy Malaysian businessman and a non-executive chairman of Laura Ashley Holdings, is arguing for a divorce settlement of more than £100 million after 42 years’ of marriage. She is asking for almost half of her ex-husband’s fortune based on equal contributions; her husband says she [...]

No-fault divorces not accepted in law but mediation may help

Many couples grow apart over the years but a recent case to the Court of Appeal highlights the legal position where a woman did not have sufficient grounds in law to divorce her husband. The law in England and Wales does not recognise ‘no-fault divorce’, therefore couples wishing to divorce must satisfy one of five [...]

Beware – no time limit for financial order after divorce

A recent high-profile case illustrates the legal position where a party can go back to court to secure a financial settlement long after the divorce and despite a verbal agreement at the time of the split. Mediation can be used to avoid this problem arising. The facts of the case involved a couple who married [...]